VIN Etching

Free vin etching

Vehicles with etched glass and motorcycles with etched decals are less likely to be stolen.

As part of its ongoing effort to Help Eliminate Auto Theft, the Virginia State Police HEAT program offers free etchings throughout the year. VIN etching can only be authorized by a person named on the vehicle’s registration.

Fill out a VIN etching authorization form in advance, or we’ll provide you one on location.

If you own a motorcycle and would like to receive personalized VIN-etched stickers, please complete the online VIN etching authorization form. Once received, your sticker sheet request will be processed and mailed in 2-4 weeks.

Why is VIN etching important?

Adding VIN etching to your auto glass creates another barrier against potential auto theft.

VIN etching complicates things for thieves. If a thief swaps out the VIN on a car that’s been etched, the thief must also swap out all the etched glass. This costs time and money.

How does the VIN etching process work?

The VIN etching process uses a chemical to permanently mark glass, takes only about 10 minutes to complete and doesn’t affect the appearance of the vehicle. This complimentary service applies to the exterior glass of cars and trucks. For motorcycles and scooters, HEAT provides etching decals that owners may apply at their discretion. Since 2014, HEAT has etched 2,954 vehicles throughout the commonwealth.

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