2023 HEAT Awards

Recognizing the Best

For decades, the HEAT program has been annually recognizing the extraordinary efforts of our federal, state and local law enforcement partners as they diligently work to help eliminate auto theft across the Commonwealth. To be considered for an award, nominees must demonstrate superlative efforts in at least two of the four key areas:

  • Intelligence
  • Prevention
  • Enforcement
  • Recovery

The HEAT Awards may also recognize several additional categories to include our private partnerships:

  • Major Case Award
  • Private Sector Award
  • Public Outreach Award

A Level Playing Field

The HEAT Awards have been structured so larger agencies with more resources compete against comparably-sized agencies. Each award category is based upon the size of the population served by the agency. One agency and individual Winner will be recognized from each of these categories. Additional agencies and individuals may be honored as Finalists or Certificate of Merit recipients. The categories of population served are:

  • Fewer than 5,000 people
  • 5,001 to 20,000
  • 20,001 to 100,000
  • 100,000+
  • Across the Commonwealth

Who Can Enter

The annual HEAT Awards is open to all federal, state and local Virginia law enforcement agencies and their employees who are engaged in the mission to help eliminate auto theft. Select private industry partners who actively combat vehicle theft are also considered. The HEAT Awards are typically presented each year at the Virginia Sheriff’s Association and/or the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police & Foundation annual conferences.

2023 Nominations Are Now CLOSED

We look forward to presenting the awards this Fall at the VACP&F and VSA annual conferences!

For more information about the HEAT Awards, please visit our Contact Heat page or email us directly at vspautotheft@vsp.virginia.gov.