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Virginia State Police HEAT Awards Announced

The Virginia State Police Help Eliminate Auto Theft (HEAT) program on Tuesday morning announced its 2016-2017 HEAT Awards recipients.

The HEAT program was established in 1992 to educate citizens and law enforcement about theft of vehicles and vehicle parts. Its annual HEAT Awards program is open to all Virginia law enforcement entities and employees who work in auto theft enforcement and prevention.

This year’s HEAT Awards recognized efforts made during the July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017, reporting period. Winners, finalists and certificate of merit recipients were selected based on size of agency and excellence in at least two of the following categories: enforcement, intelligence gathering, prevention and recovery.

There were more than 9,500 motor vehicle theft offenses in Virginia in 2016, and the value of vehicles stolen exceeded $81 million.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is stolen vehicles are sometimes used in the commission of even more serious crimes,” said Virginia State Police Special Agent Peter Lazear. “So it’s important that we recognize the good work being done to prevent auto theft.”

To see the complete list of HEAT Awards recipients, please click here. To learn more about HEAT Awards, visit www.heatreward.com/resources/heat-awards.