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Media & Text Block

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Video & Text Block

You can use this block like the Media + Text Block, but for YouTube videos instead of images or hosted videos.

feature 1

Feature Boxes

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feature 2

Feature Boxes

Optional text optional text optional text optional text optional

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feature 3

Feature Boxes

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This is a Group block.

You can put a collection of other blocks inside this block. They will all fit inside this background.

New Accordion Plugin

This is using a different plugin to create accordions. You can add blocks to the accordion with this option. However, you will have to manually add a spacer block after the accordion set. There is no way to add a margin with CSS, unfortunately.

Item #1

asdfasdfasdfasasdf asfd asdf df

Item #2

asdfasdfasdf asdf


Old Accordion Plugin

This is the original accordion block. It’s easier to use, but you cannot use blocks inside the content area.

Lorem ipsum

Lorem Ipsum

Step Slider

Step 1
Lorem ipsum
Step 2
Lorem ipsum

Click “show numbers” to add the big number counter

Lorem ipsum

YouTube Video

This is the column block.

You can adjust the number of columns and width. And you can put other blocks inside a column.

Equal width columns with background

Equal width columns with background

Gravity Form block inside of group

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